Online Counselling

Online Counselling has been growing in popularity To work online together I ask that

you have access to a quiet space
where you feel safe and won't be disturbed or overheard.

I ask that you have good internet connection.t

Email Counselling

Counsellling via Email is similar to writing a letter.

Writing about your thoughts and feelings can in itself be extremely cathartic and so often when an email has been written you can feel a huge sense of relief.

The added therapeutic benefits gained through receiving a therapeutic email can be powerful – the validation, understanding and insight can often be extremely thought provoking.

Benefits of Using Email

With Email counselling you can take your time with what you want to say and write at a time which feels more therapeutically beneficial for you – either when things are especially difficult for you, or when your mind feels clear and you feel more able to articulate what you want to say. Or perhaps when you have some private time and space during your day or evening.

How email counselling works

You write and send an email to me in your own time. Within a certain time period I will send you a therapeutic response.

I will spend at least 1 hour on my therapeutic response – this can be a good indicator as to the length of email you send me.