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My current fees are shown at the bottom of this page.

I recognise that you may find it difficult to ‘justify’ spending money on your mental health and wellbeing and yet the reality is that free or subsidised therapy services are very limited.

As a private Counsellor and Sleep Coach, my fees reflect my training, experience and expertise.

My fees also balance my wish to offer affordable therapy.

It may help to think of paying for counselling as an investment in yourself.

When you take the necessary steps to work on yourself and place yourself first it demonstrates a belief in your own self-worth.

I understand that allowing yourself this right can be very difficult.

I review my fee annually with any change taking effect from 1 January.

Fee increases are not applied to existing clients with whom I have signed a contract and who are paying the full fee, but if we continue working together for over a year I reserve the right to raise my fees in the second year.

Fee payment

Payment of the fee must be made in advance of the session (or when you send your email).

If you need to cancel a session within 48 hours of our appointment, you will still need to pay the fee unless we can rearrange for a mutually convenient time.

Payment Method

Please pay by Bank transfer.  I will send my account details when you have signed a counselling agreement and are ready to pay for your first session.