This workshop is all about creating a sanctuary for yourself and a place where you can think about ‘me’ time. 

Over the coming weeks as you learn more about yourself you will be able to invite the Inner Critic into your space to work with you so that it becomes open-minded and supportive.

I’m guessing you never realised its role is to protect you or that it could actually be supportive when you tackle new things.

We are all leading busy, chaotic lives and without ever thinking about it we can easily find ourselves at the bottom of our to-do list.

Throughout these workshops I talk about being selfish but I don’t mean the attitude where you don’t give a rat’s ass but the ‘selfish’ I talk about is where you take the time to actually think about ‘YOU’ as a person and how you can  put yourself in the driving seat of your life.

I think everyone would agree that we all need a space to relax and reflect.

The time we spend alone helps us to find peace and will encourage thoughtful processes.  No-one could argue that the benefit of feeling at peace lets us feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the next challenge that is quite literally thrown at us.

The first task is to explore your home or your neighbourhood for a place where you can be alone with your thoughts.

Bedrooms are designed for sweet slumber and cozy lounging, but they can also be your sanctuary away from stress and worry.

Every bedroom is different so think about how you can make your bedroom feel safe and snuggly?

You Can Be As Creative as You Want To Be

You may find your car offers some peace and quiet.

Do you have a quiet park bench nearby? If you do you could take a drink, snack and a book or music or maybe you have a favourite coffee shop. 

if you explore where you live you may find something amazing Like I did when I found this river.

The sanctuary you create just needs to be somewhere for you to be alone, for you to have some downtime so you can think about being ‘YOU’ and what you want for the coming week, month or year.

Now you have your space just spend 10 minutes sitting quietly and notice the changes you have made.

Look around you what can you see, smell, hear, taste and touch?

Notice what thoughts pop into your head. What does it feel like to be still?

Now you have a calm space to return to whenever you need your batteries recharging.

We Are All Individuals

We all have our own experiences and personalities so what works for one person may not work for another so take some time to explore what works best for you. 

Remember when you do this exercise it isn’t about success but rather it’s about noticing what the experience is so keep tweaking until you get it right.

Have Fun

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Tell Me Where You Have

Found Your Sanctuary

Best Wishes Sharon

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