My background in both science and education has taught me

how our brains control thinking behaviour and emotions.

Once I realised how the inner critic had held me back throughout my life I took steps to take back control and re-wrote my rule book.

I now spend my days counselling, talking and writing about how we can calm the inner critic and how we can learn to put it to sleep.


Online and Counselling Diploma (Distinction)

Science of the Mind: Investigating Mental Health

Death and Dying

Understanding Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Diploma in Drugs, Alcohol and Solvent Abuse

Counselling Skills and Counselling Studies

Certificate Further Education Teaching

Diploma in Biological Sciences

Put your Inner Critic To sleep

Cool Stuff

Chatted with Patti Dobrowolski - Ted talker Draw Your Emotions

Member of OCTIA Online Counsellors and Therapists In Action

Voted as Chair at Clarity Devon

Dream Holiday Memphis, Las vegas and Hawaii

Failed 11+ but gained a BSc

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