‘I Can’t Today I Need To Make Some POM POMS’.

What an amazing reason for telling someone why you are struggling to do something.

For many of us, our energy levels and stamina don’t even come into question.

Sure, you might have the odd day where you don’t feel like cooking dinner,

But we all recognise those times when we have literally run out of energy.

What Is Your Inner Critic Saying When You Don’t Have the Energy To Do Anything?

Are you telling yourself that you are ‘lazy’ or that you are ‘a slob’?

Walk A Mile In My Shoes I hear You Say.

Each day we are given a limited supply of energy.

This energy needs to last us the whole day and once it’s been used, it's gone.

unless we are able to create more 'energy', in essence, make more pom poms.

Spoon theory is quite well known

and explains chronic fatigue

But let me introduce you to POM POM ENERGY PACKETS.

ssoo --- here is the story behind it.

Think about it this way - everything that we do, even sleep, requires energy.

Activities such as getting out of bed, showering, dressing, making breakfast,

shopping, cooking, driving, going out to work - seem endless and

all these activities require that we have the necessary fuel and

that we hand back a pom pom in payment for energy.

When Life Becomes A Juggling Act Ask Yourself

  1. What Do I HAVE to Do Today?
  2. What Do I NEED to Do Today?
  3. What Would I LIKE to Do Today?

Pom Poms Don’t Just Appear Out Of Thin Air

You Either Have To Buy Them Or Make Them

So Here Are Some Ideas To Make More

Pom Pom Energy Packets

Naps Are Okay But Careful

Naps are a good way to replenish energy reserves and will give you back a pom pom energy packet.  

Naps need to be no longer than 20 mins and ideally need to be before 3pm. 

If you find you take naps and wake up drowsy then you could try drinking a cup of coffee

half an hour before you lie down.

Coffee will help you to feel more alert when you wake.

Here Are Some More Suggestions


Listen to music


Writing music



Extra long shower


Luxurious bath


Watching Movies


Spend time outdoors

Visit somewhere new

Pom Poms have been used in this blog as a visual representation of

the amount of energy we have each day.

Each activity requires a number of pom poms, which will only be replaced

as we 'recharge' throught rest or doing a relaxing activity.

Or we can 'recharge' our batteries by doing an 'energy' boosting activity.

Both relaxing and other activities will help you to make another pom pom

which can then be used as energy packets to get you through the day.

so at the end of the day you have a deep, peaceful and restoritive sleep.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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