Hello and Welcome to sbacounselling

My Name is Sharon and I Am Your Host

Does This Sound Familiar?

You have been longing for your bed but

the moment your head touches the pillow

you know you are in for yet another long night

You wake in the early hours and watch the hours slowly tick by.

Lack of sleep is now affecting

your energy levels

your mood and

is now disrupting you day-to-day living

You Just Want to
Sleep Better Again

I Can Help You With Your Anxiety

My Main Focus Is the Inner Critic

Whose Constant Chatter Robs People Of Their Sleep

The ‘critic’ has a voice of its own and will happily take charge.

If left un-checked it will eat away at our  self-image and confidence.

Whether we like it or not we all have an ‘inner critic’ in perfect working order.

You realise that now is the time to work on yourself

Together we will invite your critic to become open-minded and supportive.

Sometimes Our Lives Have To Be Completely Shaken Up 

With A Clearer Mind You Will Be Able To Re-Write Your Rule Book and

Sleep Better Again

If you are interested in counselling then please call me for a 20 minute free chat. or email me.

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